Are you frustrated because you keep getting told "It's all a part of aging"? How old you are is your business. How old you FEEL is mine.

Do you wake up worse off then when you went to sleep? Do you actually get a good night's sleep? Are you worried about your mental clarity? What if you could change the trajectory of how you age?

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Where it started....

I was turning 60 and feeling every bit of everything I had done to my body over the past 60 years and all I could think was… If 60 is the youth of old age… I’m not sure I want “old age”.  I was NOT happy. 


What I discovered...

My husband and I were visiting a friend and in severe pain from traveling cross country and she said, “Here try this patch it activates your GHK copper peptides”.  I was very apprehensive because there’s so much out there that just doesn’t work, but I thought- what the heck I’ve got nothing to lose.

Fast forward to today and we are both experiencing the benefits of activating the holy grail of the fountain of youth.  We sleep better- we’ve started dreaming again, have more energy no more falling asleep directly after dinner, heal faster no more lingering bruises, recover faster a day with our grandkids doesn’t wipe us out, our mental clarity is back, I actually know where I put my keys and we are both pain free due to the reduction in inflammation and it’s phenomenal.  

About AgeLESS with Bobi
about AgeLess with Bobi

How I can help you...

Once you find the benefits of the latest in the patented wearable technology life just becomes easier.

 If you’ve been saying I don’t have the energy to do that, and “that ” is hanging out with friends or playing with your grandkids. You owe it to yourself to find out more about what this can do for you. 

Who am I?

Bobi is a Regenerative Wellness Practitioner with a diverse background. She attended UNLV studying athletic training and as a retired LPN who is certified in Holistic Nutrition, Personal training, life coach and Habit building for functional aging, she uses her comprehensive skills with those who choose to change the trajectory of how they age. Bobi has been featured on the radio health show “Health Connections” on WGSO 990 and is a sought-after speaker at various health-related gatherings, where she shares her passion for integrative health solutions. Helping those who suffer from chronic age-related issues as well as the healthy individuals who want to live long and live well.

This is for you if...

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